Social Data, Set Free

You’ve tried the hard way with restrictive tools and hundreds of man hours, but it’s time for something different. It’s time for tools that not only listen, but give you the platform to ACT. It’s time to listen smarter.

Where Do You Want to Take Your Data?

MutualMind is a complete social data platform for the next generation of social business. In one web-based solution, we give you all the tools you need to:

  • Display data on collaborative screens large, small or mobile – whether it’s from social media or your own business
  • Detect moments or trends in your data that need action automatically using our simple Adaptive Listening rules engine and route the insights to your enterprise in an instant
  • Develop your own solutions based on your social data using our end-to-end API suite to configure, control and collaborate

Crossing the Gap Between Social Data and Your Business

MutualMind is built to connect the central nervous system of your business and finally give your enterprise the ability to hear and react. Our Adaptive Listening Engine not only lets you create rules that trigger events within MutualMind, but using our outgoing Webhooks, you can fire off signals into your legacy systems: customer databases, enterprise resource planning, supply chain, logistics and more.
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