Recently, an entrepreneur from high tech industry asked me about what he should do with all the rich social monitoring data that we are collecting for his brand. It all starts with your goals and objectives, I responded. Are you looking for customer insights or are you looking for customer segmentation? Did you just launch a new product or new version of your application and you want to know how well it is doing? or perhaps you are looking to provide great customer service. This goes back to my previous post about why its difficult to listen to social conversations.

Here’s a brief list of actionable items that I came up with. I’m sure there plenty of others.
10. Find out what people are saying about your brand – what is the volume and breadth, what topics are coming up?
09. Don’t just focus on negatives – find out brand loyalists who are saying most good things about your brand and thank them
08. Discover product and service issues
07. Validate assumptions that product and marketing team made
06. Ensure that the campaign that you launched is on target
05. Fine tune your business and marketing strategy based on trends and patterns – list top 10 insights
04. Analyze the conversations for sentiments
03. Review if the sentiments have changed over time – be patient and collect good information first!
02. Manage crisis before it damages your brand
01. Keep an eye on what your competitor is doing (competitive analysis)

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