Even after all the attention which Twitter got in 2009, many brands still don’t make it easy for their customers to find and talk with them on Twitter. Many of us have probably been in this situation – you want to look up a company or brand on Twitter and a search shows multiple accounts – some of these accounts are fake, some are inactive and then there could be multiple ‘official accounts’ for various business units or customer facing purpose, customer service being the most common.

As an example, WellsFargo official Twitter account is Ask_WellsFargo (@WellsFargo is not in active use). AT&T has 11 Twitter accounts – go figure. Good thing is that all of them are listed on one web page, which by the way is not easy to find unless you browse their Twitter page.

Here’s a summary of what I found about the Twitter accounts of major US wireless brands. There are some interesting facts there. T-mobile has the fastest growth of followers, although it has least subscribers so their social media practices are yielding good results. Verizon Wireless has the least number of followers.

You would think that companies would highlight their Twitter account on their websites but this is still not a common practice with all brands. Perhaps it shows that some brands are not comfortable with Twitter. I think the customer experience for finding the right Twitter page for brands is similar, regardless of the industry. I hope that this will change gradually. It is also expected that Twitter will offer more features for business accounts and that is expected to get more brands to start using Twitter.

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