I came across this blog post from Sean Corcoran which talks about definitions of  Earned, Owned, And Paid Media. Sean notes that there is fully-owned media (like your website) and partially-owned media (like Facebook fan page or Twitter account). I want to point out a caveat  in this way of categorizing media. The breadth and depth of analytics and insights that you get from partially-owned media are very limited compared with the information that you get from fully-owned media. However the richness and interactive nature of partially-owned media is unrivaled. As a business, you need to have the right tools and approach to make best use of both types of owned media.

The depth, richness and accuracy of the data that you can get from your website, branded community or your blog is very different from what you get or derive from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn. Add to this the different devices (cell phones, mobile internet devices) and apps which are used to consume content and you have another level of complexity. For example, web/blog analytics tools will provide you referral information and location of visitors. Twitter provides a stream of conversations, user information and interactions over time which can be mined over time to reveal trends and patterns. Facebook has great potential for providing valuable marketing information but its API for Fan Pages has many limitations as of now (a better insights API is expected soon).

One of the problem that MutualMind solves is that it provides a normalized view of business relevant social media metrics aggregated across multiple types of media categories and sites. Now you can compare information at different sites for a time duration of your choice. Consider a hypothetical scenario in which you posted a youtube video and tweeted about it. That drove traffic to your blog or website and eventually helped towards new product launch promotion. When you have a consolidated view of  content interaction and consumption, the dots are easier to connect. You have objective data to tell a compelling story. Next time you know how to allocate time and effort.  Of course, the holy grail here is a holistic view of how different types of media, content type and sites are contributing to the business goals.

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