Altimeter group released a nice summary of various aspects of the  so-called Social CRM area. Here are the highlights of the report.

  • Companies are struggling to understand what customers are saying and to keep up with the customers
  • Scaling solutions for this new channel is a major problem
  • Better tools are needed – now
  • No one has all the answers
  • All use cases start with listening
  • Collaboration is the key to reduce friction and to stimulate the ecosystem

This report validates the framework and approach that we use at MutualMind: bring together listening, analytics and team collaboration to tackle social relationship challenges.

Altimeter principals have made an interesting choice by inviting community of experts to join them and to start collective brainstorming about how to work on this challenge. We love this approach. Over the next few weeks and months, you will see more posts and interesting case studies about Social CRM at this blog. And by the way, the debate on how to define Social CRM rages on. Yeah, we are that far behind.

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