MutualMind booth at SXSWTaking the MutualMind team to SXSW this year was an interesting and valuable experience. First, it is always exciting to meet well-known people with whom you have interacted online. Second, we also had the opportunity to meet a number of agencies and brand managers at our booth at the trade show. Despite the limited bandwidth, we discussed the unique value proposition of MutualMind and showed our platform to many people and got immediate feedback which was very encouraging. Many of our friends and supporters (@mikemerrill, @levelten_colin, @agardina, @giovanni, @amuse, @gabdraney,@elysa, @cgawley and more) from Dallas-Fort Worth stopped by to chat and catch up.

The fun part of SXSW was after dark, of course. There were quite a few parties all around Austin with long lines for the popular ones. Next time I have to plan ahead to get more invitations!

Here are a few SXSW highlights which I wanted to share.

Social CRM Meetup. I recently started joined Social CRM Pioneers, an online group created by Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Group. At SXSW, a few of us had a chance to informally meet and discuss the challenges (scaling, filtering, response management etc) faced by brands and agencies. The discussion is captured in this thread. Social CRM is a fascinating area where we will see plenty of innovation and growth. There are significant challenges for Social CRM in terms of technology and business adoption but this change is unavoidable.

Powered VIP Party. Thanks to @AStrout for throwing a great Powered VIP Party on Sunday afternoon. I got to meet quite a few interesting people, famous bloggers such as Jay Baer and Beth Kanter and talk with a number of agency executives about the problems that they face and how can analytics+collaboration help them with deeper understanding and response management for social relationship management.

Keynotes. I could not join many of the keynotes because of my busy schedule and work at the booth but I enjoyed the following blog posts about these.

Thanks to J.R.Atkins, Nizam Sayeed, Ken Loafman and Eric Gore for making SXSW a big success!

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