May has been a busy month for our team. We have released a number of interesting new features and we have received plenty of positive feedback. Of course, the accompanying list of feature requests is quite long. We see that as a sign of progress. We also had the opportunity to talk about our work with Dallas Business Journal. Jeff Bounds wrote about the initial angel funding that MutualMind received and how we help companies and agencies to make sense of social media.

MutualMind develops software that helps companies monitor social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for mentions of their brand, said Babar Bhatti, MutualMind’s co-founder and CEO.

The software analyzes conversations on blogs, Twitter and other sites and provides a report for clients on what percentage of conversations are in a “positive” or “negative” context, Bhatti said.

Among other things, MutualMind’s software provides breakdowns on which social-networking sites have the most mentions of a company, along with data on how well a company’s customers respond to marketing and other types of campaigns.
“Brand awareness and reputation monitoring — those are some of the major uses of our software,” Bhatti said.

For more information, see our recent press release in which leading social media consultant, Giovanni Gallucci, talks about the value offered by MutualMind platform.

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