We are pleased to announce the release of MutualMind 1.2.8. Here are some of the highlights from this release:

Facebook Monitoring

We are now monitoring Facebook’s public stream for your campaign keywords. Results are included in campaign search.

Real-Time Keyword Alerts

We just rolled out support for real-time alerts for keywords you specify for your campaigns. Just edit your campaign, click “Manage Alerts” from the campaign header or from the sidebar after clicking “Campaign” from the top menu to get started.

Hourly Monitoring Summary

We’ve also added summary e-mails for your social media campaigns. You will now receive summary stats of keyword hits at the top of each hour. You’ll only receive the an e-mail for a given campaign only if we have some hits during the previous hour. We don’t want to SPAM your inbox too much. :)

Chart Drill Downs

We’ve started adding the ability to drill down further into the insights data. Just look for charts that have the caption “Click chart to drill down” to use this feature. We’re working diligently to add more cool ways to slice and dice all this data!

Klout Scores

We’re very pleased to announce integration with Klout’s API. Just pull up a Twitter user’s insights and you can now see their Klout score.

Improved Campaign Editor

We’ve drastically improved our campaign editor UI. Its a lot easier to navigate now.

And Much More

On top of the major changes mentioned above, we’ve also made a ton of minor changes and bug fixes all around. We’re already working on the next release as we speak and look forward to bringing you more valuable features soon. As always, we live by customer feedback and we look forward to yours so we can build a truly awesome product!

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