We added support for Facebook fan pages to our MutualMind platform a few weeks ago. With this addition, you get all the rich monitoring, analytics/insights, response management features you’ve grown to know and love, but for your Facebook pages!

Setting up Facebook support in MM is really easy. Just follow this guide to get started.

Step 1: Add a Facebook Account

Click “Admin” from the top menu then click “Brand Facebook Accounts”.

Once on this page, click “Add Brand Facebook Account”. You will be transferred to Facebook for authorization.

Once you grant the application the requested permissions to manage your Facebook resources, you will be transferred back and your account will have been added.

Step 2: Select Fan Pages

After your account has been added, you can click the link labeled “Manage Pages” beside your account to select the pages you wish to mainly interact with from the application.

Check the ones you are interested in and then click the “Update Selections” button. The pages you select here will limit the page lists in the following features:

  • Facebook stream browser
  • Facebook component set up in the campaign editor

Notice the button labeled “Refresh Page List” at the top. If you happen to ‘like’ any new Facebook pages, you can come back here and click that to keep the page list in MM in sync with your actual list.

Step 3: Add a Page to Your Campaign

Now that you’ve added your account and selected your pages, you can now go to the campaign manager by clicking “Admin” and then “Campaigns”.

Click on the campaign you want to modify. Once in the campaign editor, click on the link labeled “Add Facebook Page” for either the “Brand Intelligence” or the “Competitive Intelligence” column.

Select one or more pages from the drop down list and click “Done”.

Voila. You have successfully set up Facebook page monitoring for your campaign!

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