We are pleased to announce the release of MutualMind 1.3.0. Here are some of the highlights from this release:

Facebook and Twitter Authentication Changes

Due to changes with both the Facebook and Twitter APIs, we had to re-implement how our application interacts with both of these services. As a result, the credentials for Facebook and Twitter accounts you had previously added will no longer work.

You will need to authorize your accounts one more time in order for the application to continue collecting and analyzing your social media accounts. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. We highly encourage that you re-authorize your accounts as soon as you can to prevent any loss of data.

Go to “Admin” and then click “Brand Facebook Accounts” or “Brand Twitter Accounts” to get started.

More Detailed Insights

We’ve added a bunch of new views for various metrics like buzz, engagement and more.

Custom Date Ranges

All the insights views now support custom date ranges. Just select a start and end date and you’ll be able to visualize your data in interesting ways.

More Facebook Stats

As an added bonus to the changes with the Facebook API, we are now able to bring you even more detailed Facebook stats and insights with more are on the way in upcoming releases.

And Much More

On top of the major changes mentioned above, we’ve also made a ton of minor changes and bug fixes all around. We’re planning some really cool features for the next release. Stay tuned. As always, we look forward to and really appreciate your feedback!

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