In DFW, we are lucky to have a dedicated group of social media professionals and enthusiasts: The Social Media Club of Dallas. Last week SMC Dallas had  invited Eric Qualman, author of Socialnomics and producer of popular videos on social media, for a talk with the group. Eric did an interesting presentation (with cartoons and music) and shared his experience, including the reason why he created the videos (CEOs were not getting the message even after 1 hour of talk) and his views on how social media will evolve.

The topic of social media ROI keeps coming up in most discussions. This video from Qualman is a good reference to keep and share with others. At MutualMind we take a simple approach for ROI.

  • Include measurement in your plans before you start a social media initiative.
  • Measure quantitative results (that’s what we specialize in) for Reach, Buzz and Engagement.
  • Understand and recognize the value of  qualitative benefits (brand reputation, crisis avoidance etc).


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