I was at a social media marketing conference in San Francisco earlier this week. It is always good to meet and talk with with a diverse group of practitioners of social media. The conference was packed with attendees and sessions ran all day and provided views and information about a wide range of social media topics. One of the key topic was engagement and evangelism for brands. What is it, how do you plan for it and what are the best practices and tools.  Here are a few points.


  • @Britopian shared the observation that more brands are listening, few are engaging (see the presentation below)
  • New demographics: Augie Ray shared Forrester’s segmentation of online influence: mass influencers and social broadcasters
  • More ways to share content – widgets, social footer bars eg Meebo bar

Key Points by Thought Leaders

  • Creating Evangelists via social media: what is the difference between loyalist, advocate and evangelist.
  • Authenticity in social media is over-rated. Be honest.
  • Value of a FB fan is zero unless you act on that relationship and add value to it
  • Just 16% of users account for 80% of online brand advocacy
  • @AaronStrout emphasized that brands need to give consumers reasons to share
  • @AaronStrout mentioned that there’s a scientific process to creating an advocacy program
  • Identify your brand supporters and pay attention to them
  • How should brands build communities? @ChrisHeuer had a simple advice: brands should participate in 3rd party communities before creating their own.

Overall, great discussions and lots of take aways for the MutualMind team to build upon!

For more details see the conference blog post.

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