Market research is one of the areas where social media and user opinions offer a highly valuable source of information. At MutualMind, we have developed an industry leading, comprehensive yet easy-to-use monitoring and engagement solution. We are pleased to announce that MutualMind has joined forces with the market research leader Itracks to offer social media monitoring solution to market research firms.

The solution offered by Itracks and MutualMind transforms market research to market insights. According to Forrester Research, “Market researchers increase their value when they provide not just research results but also strategy and insights based on customers, sales, and competitor information.”

Here’s the text of the full press release.

Itracks, the world-leading expert in online focus groups and patent holder for qualitative applications, today announced that it has teamed up with social software specialists MutualMind to offer breakthrough social media monitoring software designed specifically for the market research industry.

The Itracks Social Media Monitoring online application provides advanced social media monitoring and analytics capabilities for market researchers at an affordable price. The software captures data from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and data generated from other social media platforms. The data is then organized in a way that is meaningful to market researchers to develop their research design or monitor their client’s activity. The dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of what people are discussing online and the sentiments associated with brand mentions.

“We believe that this is the most powerful analytics tool to reach the research industry in years and the most significant advancement since the introduction of online surveys,” said Dan Weber, President of Itracks.

He added: “With the increased use of online social networks and more people talking about brands online, keeping track of such conversations and comments is vital for researchers and we’re pleased to be leading the way in helping them to do this.”

The Itracks Social Media Monitoring software gives market researchers the ability to provide organisations with a whole new level of understanding about what is being said about their products or services across the web. By monitoring actions taken as a result of any initial research, the application also gives researchers the opportunity to stay engaged with their clients, long term.

In addition to this, the product can also be used alongside any online qualitative research platform, traditional face-to-face focus groups or quantitative project, and is available through a pricing model that makes it accessible for more researchers.

MutualMind CEO Babar Bhatti said: “We are excited to be partnered with Itracks, the pioneers in online qualitative research, to provide the market research industry with a product that can truly assist with traditional methods and ensure researchers can engage with their clients, long term.”

About MutualMind
MutualMind is a web application that helps businesses and marketing firms monitor as well as promote brands on social networks while providing actionable analytics and insights to increase social media ROI. MutualMind Inc is a privately-held company based in Dallas, Texas and was founded in 2008 by a small team of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in technology, product development and analytics. Visit the MutualMind website:

About Itracks
Itracks is a world-leading expert in online focus groups and the patent holder for qualitative applications. Leading market research professionals and Fortune 500 companies recognize Itracks’ online applications as the most client-focused, reliable and flexible available. The sophisticated suite of qualitative, quantitative, online community, social media monitoring and panel services are easy to use and come equipped with a wide range of multi-media capabilities. Visit Itracks’ website at

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