E-readers and tablet PCs are the new wave of desirable, connected gadgets. A number of players are competing in this space, all the way from device hardware makers, operating systems providers to applications and customer experience companies. We used social media listening capabilities of MutualMind to get a pulse of consumer opinions about e-readers and tablets. The results showed an interesting correlation between the social media buzz (share of voice) to the market share of leading brands such as Kindle, Nook and iPad. The slide deck below presents a summary of our findings.

Social media is increasingly becoming an important tool for consumer feedback and actionable insights for marketing and product strategy. In the above case study for tablets/e-readers, we identified many important trends and consumer feedback. Smart businesses have learned to manage and distribute such insights throughout their organization. Industries with short product management life cycle (e.g. consumer electronics) stand to benefit greatly from social insights. Market researchers and customer intelligence professionals should also find this very useful.

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