As social media changes the way business is conducted around the world, universities are also stepping up their efforts to learn the impact of these changes. Advertising is one of the most active and well-known areas where social media has disrupted conventional models.

Temerlin Advertising Institute (TAI) is part of Meadows School of the Arts at SMU Dallas, one of the prominent arts education institution in US. TAI understands that rules have changed, consumer interactions have changed and its time to change advertising as well. TAI has been actively working to bring social media practices to classroom, faculty and research at SMU.

Sharing our learning and knowledge with schools and learning institutions is an important part of MutualMind’s corporate vision. Recently I have started working with Prof. Steve Edwards and his students at TAI to explore a few areas of study involving social media and advertising. By combining the strengths of academia and industry, we intend to produce relevant and interesting perspectives to social media and advertising.

As part of our commitment to R&D and to show support for students, we have made the MutualMind application available to faculty and students at Temerlin Advertising Institute, SMU. Our plan is to share the data, metrics and insights with students and faculty and to use them for research and learning.

In response, Professor Edwards offered the following:

My students and I are fortunate for the opportunity to work with MutualMind and explore the most current thinking on social media metrics. The MutualMind platform provides us tracking capabilities and the data to we need to examine and test our hypotheses regarding the best practices of social media campaigns! Without this product, we would be in the dark.

About Prof. Edwards’ Work and Research:

Prof. Steve Edwards‘ interests include persuasion in new media, consumer engagement, socially responsible advertising, and impact of new technologies on marketing and advertising. Prof. Edwards is also the Associate Editor of Journal of Interactive Advertising.

A noted scholar on persuasive communication in new media environments, Dr. Edwards conducts research exploring feelings of intrusiveness and reactions of consumers to 3D interactive experiences online. Other research explores product placements, motivations for using the Internet, and advertising in textbooks. He advocates for the profession and highlights socially responsible advertising at Professor Edwards teaches classes on social media marketing, commercialization of virtual space, and interactive advertising.

Along with Prof. Edwards, his students are participating in these studies. Alexandra Watson, a graduate student who is focused on social media, has been working on social media strategy and ROI. She will graduate from SMU in May 2011 at the top of her class with a Masters degree in New Media Advertising. Alexandra has twelve years of work experience in database management and marketing for non-profits. Alexandra’s forthcoming website and blog will offer insights and tips on digital planning and analysis. Speaking about the partnership with MutualMind, Alexandra added:

It is exciting to partner with entrepreneurs such as Babar Bhatti to advance the way marketers formulate, monitor, measure and share online content.

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