David Armano of Edelman Digital has been studying how Influence models have been changing for a while. He summarized his thoughts on a new model of Influence in digital world in a post on Harvard Business Review. Its an elegant approach: simple to understand with pragmatic insights and the flexibility thats needed for models which are still evolving. Here’s another reason why I like the model that he presents. The raction items that result from this information are clearly laid out. The six pillars are:

Reach, Proximity, Expertise, Relevancy, Credibility, Trust.

As discussed in the comments on the post, there’s an interesting interplay within these 6 suggested pillars. In engineering terms we could say that influence is a function of these six inter-dependent variables. The more important thing is to realize how this differs from the traditional model.

These six pillars, and there are probably others, hold up a new model of influence that goes well beyond the traditional model, which was built with gatekeepers of knowledge and information. It’s a more open and diverse model that empowers even small groups to make a big difference.

Let’s take a look at the actions which are: Discovery, Management and Engagement.

  1. Find out who actually has influence on the topics of importance to you and your business, based on this new model.
  2. Implement an Influencer Management System which allows you to track and categorize them.
  3. Third, put the process and guidelines in place for how to effectively engage the influential people who you wish to influence.

With this model you can start to understand the various shapes in which influence exists on digital media. Once you do, then the next step is to leverage it for specific business objectives. To execute that you will need help with tools which can analyze social networks and automate tracking and categorization.  In upcoming posts I will share how MutualMind can help you to drive results using the guidelines here.

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