As Super Bowl XLV draws close, hundreds of thousands of visitors are descending on the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. From large Dallas-based corporations such as AT&T to local hotels and restaurants, DFW businesses have increased their spending on advertisements and billboards prior to game day. We are also pretty jazzed about the local attention here at MutualMind. After all, Dallas is our home base.

Using the social intelligence engine of MutualMind, we have been listening to what people are saying about the Super Bowl in Dallas. The snapshot below is taken from our insights dashboard.

The snapshot represents the social media buzz for the month of January. The chatter spiked on January 23rd as the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears for a trip to the Super Bowl. Sorry, Mr. President.

We noticed something else with a more local twist. Local towns are vying to grab the limelight for being the hosts of the game.

The fact is that the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium is in Arlington, TX. The old stadium was in Irving, TX and has already been demolished. The team still has their HQ there. The Mayor of Arlington is trying his best and reminding everyone that the game is in his town. We don’t know if this perception can be changed, even with a masterfully crafted social media campaign. Sorry Arlington, its the Dallas Cowboys.

We’ll continue to monitor the social web as game day nears. Stay tuned for a special report on reactions to this year’s Super Bowl ads!

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