The Super Bowl ads are as important – if not more – than the game itself. As some one tweeted, “I’d like the Superbowl a lot more if they would just cut out all the boring football clips that’re interrupting the ads.”

The MutualMind team, together with students from SMU, monitored the social media buzz for over 52 advertisements during Super Bowl XLV.

Over the next few days we plan to share a number of interesting findings from this joint study. Obviously some ads such as the one for Doritos were meant to evoke strong reactions and discussions while others like Groupon’s have become the subject of much criticism.

VW aired two ads – one for the Beetle and another for their Passat model. Both proved to be huge hits. The Passat ad had already gone viral on YouTube before it had even aired during the game. Our automated sentiment analysis showed that the Beetle ad had nearly 50% positive comments and Passat ad had 61% favorable comments.

We were curious to know what the social media influencers thought of these ads. So we ranked Twitter users by their Klout score to find out. Scroll down to see what some influential Twitter users thought:

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