One thing which differentiates MutualMind from its competitors is that it offers strong social monitoring and analytics capabilities along with social sites management and publishing tools. This makes MutualMind a great choice for those who want a listening tool, analytics dashboard and social management capabilities. Melissa Parrish of Forrester Research published a report yesterday which provides a summary of Social Marketing Management Vendor Landscape.

Based on a survey of vendors including Buddy Media, MutualMind and Syncapse among others, the report concludes that:

  • Social Marketing Management Tools Ease The Pain Of Complex Social Presences
  • Social Publishing Platforms Increase Efficiency And Simplify Processes
  • Social Publishing Platforms Are Best For Marketers With Complex Social Presences

The trends in social media measurement and management market have shown that our vision for an integrated listening, analytics and engagement management product was spot on. Even though this report did not take a detailed look at listening and analytics – areas where MutualMind has developed strong, proprietary technology and features – we scored high and covered breadth of the criteria used for assessing the vendors.

Here’s an interesting trend from the report:

More than 46% of companies with 1,000 or more employees that have a listening platform are already licensing five to 19 individual seats to ensure internal stakeholders are aware of social conversations around their brands.

Here are the criteria that were used for vendor assessment:

  • Multiple sites
  • Publishing Syndication
  • Moderation
  • Listening
  • Content workflow
  • Analytics
  • Permissioning
  • Archiving
  • CRM
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Application and design templates
  • System integration
  • Enterprise customers

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