This post is next in the series of social media tips for social media managers – those whose primary job is to make social media campaigns a success. This post provides a simple yet effective approach to setup and optimize a listening campaign with clear path to ROI.

Here are the 5 steps.

1) Define Business Purpose. You need to have a clear goal in mind for social listening. It could be as simple as “we want to know what people are saying about us” or it could be very specific such as monitoring a product launch or keeping an eye on a competitor’s business move. The key point is that it should fits your and your customer’s level of social maturity. Do your home work.

2) Plan. Social listening may seem easy. After all you can open a desktop client of Twitter and type in  search term and stare at the results all day long. As a manager, you know that reality is different. A well-planned approach will help you to show ROI. We recommend that you sketch out a process, roles definition and workflow. Involve all stakeholders.

3) Keyword Research. It all starts with keywords. In our experience multi-word keywords tend to work best. If you are not sure start broad but don’t go too broad. Use exclusions to filter out noise and unwanted results. Expect that you will repeat this step a few times to get to the right balance of relevant results. Here’s my earlier post dedicated to the topic of keywords.

4) Organize. Define Labels to manage incoming content. Labels for your social data work the same way as labels used in email. MutualMind comes ready with Spam, Not Relevant and Flag (the catch-all label). Think of ways that you will act on social data and create labels accordingly. Popular ones from our clients include: Leads, Customer Service, No Reply.

5) Distribution of Insights. As social media manager you live and breathe the social streams and intelligence. Others, especially the C-level executives, are not that fortunate. Make sure that all stakeholders get the right level of insights from your social listening work. MutualMind makes it super easy to distribute PDF reports automatically to a list of recipients. Just add the email addresses to report recipients section of campaign and you are done.

For your day-to-day operations, the comprehensive collaboration and workflow features of MutualMind help you to stay on top of all the tasks that need to be taken care of. And the best thing is that its all within a unified platform.

What are your favorite tips and tricks to get better ROI from social listening?p


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