We are pleased to announce the release of MutualMind 1.6.2. Here are the highlights of this release:

Customizable Weekly PDF Reports

We have added the ability for users to customize the weekly PDF reports sent out by MutualMind. You can modify the section titles and text for every part of the PDF. Each campaign has its own settings so you can custom tailor each report for different customers.

To start using this feature, simply edit a campaign. You’ll find a new campaign config section entitled “Customizations”. Click the “Customize” link next to “Weekly Reports” to get started.

You can modify the titles and text for each section of the report. The images on the right provide a sample of what each customizable section of the PDF looks like. Click “Save” when you are done.

Weekly PDF reports run early Monday morning (Central Time). Please make sure you save your changes by Sunday in order for the next scheduled report to include your customizations.

Expanded Site Coverage

We have also added expanded coverage of more social sites. We now include data sources such as review sites, discussion forums, Q&A sites and more. More sources are in the works for the near future! Stay tuned.

And Much More

We’ve also fixed some bugs and made some minor enhancements. We are constantly enhancing our software to serve you better and bring you the best user experience. As always, we look forward to your feedback!

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