We are pleased to announce the release of MutualMind 1.7.0. Here are the highlights of this release:

Search Within Results Integrated Into Content Browser

We’re excited to announce our next generation social content search engine. We took our old campaign search, beefed it up and tightly integrated it into our already powerful content browser.

You’ll be able to search within results and pinpoint data much more accurately using advanced search criteria. You can apply all the advanced features you’ve come to love including task creation, inline responses and content labeling to your search results.

Just go to the content browser (Insights -> Content) and click on the help icon next to the search bar to show the supported search syntax.

Twitter Direct Messages

We’ve also enhanced our built-in Twitter client and added support for direct messages. You can now list DMs you’ve received as well as respond back to the sender. You can also list the DMs you’ve sent to your friends.

NOTE: In order to use this functionality, you’ll need to re-authorize your Twitter account(s) and grant the app access to direct messages.

Cleaner Streams and Uniform Actions

We’ve cleaned up all our streams and content lists. Actions are no longer displayed inline. Instead, they are displayed on the right-side of each content item providing a much less cluttered display. Uniform display and placement of icons allow for easier navigation.

And Much More

We’ve also fixed some bugs and made some minor enhancements. We are constantly enhancing our software to serve you better and bring you the best user experience. As always, we look forward to your feedback!

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