Forrester analyst Kim Celestre has published a study titled “Market Overview: 2011 Social Media Platforms For B2B Tech Marketing“. The report provides a much-needed fresh look at the B2B social media platforms for marketers. It guides buyers through the clutter.

Kim writes about “confusing buzzwords” and the “chaotic maze of overlapping options” that the buyers have to go through to determine which social media platforms will meet their social media objectives. Some of the questions that are often asked include:

  • What is a social media marketing platform?
  • What are the various areas of focus for social media marketing platform: monitoring, analytics, engagement and publishing?
  • What questions should buyers ask when evaluating these tools?
  • Are these platforms optimized for just B2C or are they good for B2B as well?

The Forrester report answers these questions and presents a new way to look at the B2B social platform landscape. Forrester examined 33 vendors and determined where its solution fell on the following two axes:

The report provides explanation of the taxonomy layout as:

The x-axis indicates where the platform is targeted. Social media platforms are either targeted to content and/or interactions that occur “on-domain,” i.e., on the tech marketer’s own corporate online properties (e.g.,, or “off-domain,” i.e., the platform is targeted off the tech marketer’s corporate domain, for example, a social network (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

They y-axis indicates what the platform is socializing. Social media platforms either focus on content that is created by people (e.g., product reviews) or focus on the identity of people (e.g., individual’s social profile).

Where is MutualMind positioned on this diagram? Forrester report lists MutualMind in the quadrant of “Manage what is being created About you”. MutualMind’s strength is in monitoring and analytics, insights driven engagement and social channel analytics. Our product philosophy is to provide sophisticated monitoring and engagement insights and integrate them seamlessly with social engagement to deliver social media ROI. That is the thinking behind our tagline “Extracting Business Value from Social Interactions.”

It is worth noting here that the business applications of MutualMind go beyond marketing and today it is being used with great success by brand and product managers, communication professionals, market researchers and customer service teams.

Hats off to Forrester for providing a refreshing analysis of the social media marketing platform space.

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