The business value of monitoring social media is well established by now. However, extracting actionable insights from monitoring and finding high quality results is still a challenging task for many brands, agencies and social media consultants. A few common challenges associated with social listening include:

  • Setting up the right keywords (or listening rules)
  • Optimizing the listening for relevance (capturing relevant results while avoiding noise)
  • Extracting, organizing and managing insights from the results

In this post we present a framework to help social media managers overcome above mentioned difficulties. Social media initiatives require you to have a strategy and plan, to execute the plan and to continue refining it till you get the results that meet your goals. The proposed framework below consists of following five steps to improve the quality of results from social media monitoring.

We call this ‘Social Media Listening Pyramid’ as illustrated below.

Here are the 5 steps.

1. Initial Keyword Setup:

You start listening for a theme or topic using an initial set of keywords. These keywords could range from simple keywords to phrases to complex queries with AND, OR, NOT operators.

2. Optimize Listening:

You optimize the keyword setup in 2 ways: by tweaking the queries to ensure that you are not missing any content of interest and by excluding irrelevant results.

3. Filter, Sort and Search:

In the third step, you work through the results using a combination of techniques: filter on various dimensions (type of keyword, sentiment, source, location and so on), sorting of results by say, influence level, and searching for any particular term of interest.

4. Business Actions:

Now that you have a smaller set of data to work with, you are ready to take action. You may label this content using your own label (e.g. this data could be of interest for a given product launch or this may be useful for market intelligence). You can also respond to the conversations to engage with your target audience.

5. Refine Further:

By this time, you have learned quite a bit about the quality of results and you may want to refine your keyword setup to reflect that.

With the right social listening product, you should be able to quickly execute on this and clearly see the value of this framework. In a follow up post, we will show how MutualMind can help social media managers and analysts with each of the step in Social Listening Pyramid, thereby helping you to extract business value from social listening.

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