I am writing this post from Orlando where I am attending IBM Lotushpere (#LS12) and Connect 2012. As soon as you get to the venue, the theme of the event is clear: Social Business. In fact, Connect 2012 is the first event by IBM solely focused on Social Business. The agenda for these two event cover deploying social internally (employee-facing) as well as integrating public or customer-facing social content.

As noted in the opening general sessions by various speakers, social business is truly transforming the way business and work gets done. It is apparent in the way IBM is approaching solving problems for customers and introducing social and mobile as the strategic element in its portfolio of products.

As you can expect, the conference is a fire hose of valuable information and insights (there are over 300 sessions – watch it at IBM channel on Livestream).

Here are 7 take aways that I wanted to share with you:

  1. Social business is forcing enterprises to rethink the way they work, invent and interact with customers.
  2. Analytics are becoming part of the fabric of all business systems & mobile is becoming people’s preferred access method.
  3. Technology is a key factor but not the only factor. Its all about the business value, demonstrated through measurable results and outcomes.
  4. Trust and culture are extremely important!
  5. New standards and technologies – open social, activity streams and embedded experience – will be an essential part of enterprise products. These technologies allow third party developers and partners to integrate and extend enterprise products in ways that provides in-context, relevant information to the right people.
  6. Sentiment is a very powerful yet under-utilized tool. It is important to figure out how to analyze all the social behavior that is beginning to emerge through unstructured data.
  7. Social business presents profound potential for organizations. The key is to success is to learn how to harness the power without getting overwhelmed.

I’ll leave you with a snapshot of analysis of today’s conversation about these events, captured by MutualMind. In upcoming posts I’ll write more about what MutualMind is doing to enable social media intelligence in enterprise products using open social and embedded experiences. Stay tuned!

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