We are pleased to announce the release of MutualMind 1.7.9. This release is all about improvements to our social business workflow. Here are the highlights of this release:

Respond When Creating Tasks

We’ve simplified our social task workflow quite a bit in this release. You can now create a task and respond to a user, all in one step!

Simply click on the “Respond now?” checkbox to show the response section. Compose your reply and then click “Create” to create your task and post your reply. The response you post is automatically added to your task’s conversation history.

Attach Content to Tasks

Sometimes, you need to have to a back and forth conversation with your customer. Or you found some related content that may be related to a task you are working on. We’ve added a way for you to attach any arbitrary piece of content from the content browser and attach it to a task’s conversation history.

Simply click on the attachment icon next to a content item, select the task of interest and click “Attach”. It’s that simple.

Instant Labels and Sentiment Reclassification

We’ve drastically improved the user experience of our content browser. You can now apply/remove labels and reclassify sentiments instantly, one at a time or in bulk! This enhancement allows you to get your work done without having to wait for the page to reload. Check out the video below for a demonstration.

And Much More

We’ve also fixed some bugs and made some minor enhancements. We are constantly enhancing our software to serve you better and bring you the best user experience. As always, we look forward to your feedback!

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