2012 has been been a phenomenal year for MutualMind, highlighted by a number of new strategic partnerships and product enhancements. Our team has been hard at work to add more depth and differentiation to our enterprise-grade social media intelligence and management product, while supporting our OEM partners. A few of the product enhancements have been covered in prior release announcements, here and here. However, there’s more exciting work that we haven’t talked about. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing details about how these enhancements solve problems for our customers, provide them unique insights and make them more productive.

Here is a summary of the key areas where we have made significant enhancements in 2012:

Insights: Dashboard and Content Browser

  • Share of Voice
  • Redesigned and improved insights for Twitter and Facebook
  • Keyword and Social Channel modes in Content Browser
  • Support for threaded conversations for Facebook
  • Export desired data set on-demand

Engagement Metrics and Capabilities

  • Embedded and on-demand URL Insights
  • Engagement stats from key channels
  • Who’s been sharing your content?
  • LinkedIn interactions

Customer Service

  • Enhancements to task creation (task locking, conversation history)
  • Task browsing, filtering and search
  • Task insights: productivity metrics and reports

White Label and OEM

  • Expanded site customizations in Admin panel
  • Additions and enhancements to developer API
  • Robust archives

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