In our last blog post we talked about the reasons why social customer service is difficult. In this post, we give you handy checklist that you can use to plan, organize and build your customer service on social channels.

The checklist is divided into 5 important segments (see details below):

  1. Keyword Monitoring
  2. Integrated Response Management
  3. Social Channel Tracking
  4. Workflow Management
  5. Team Performance

Here’s an illustration that captures the key elements of social customer service.

Here are the essential questions that you should be asking.

Monitoring Keywords

  1. Is there the ability to support advanced listening rules & exclusions?
  2. What data segmentation capabilities (filters, advanced search etc.) are offered?
  3. Can you apply custom labels to organize/categorize the posts?

Integrated Response Management

  1. Is response management integrated with monitoring results?
  2. Can you track conversation history and view customer profiles?
  3. Can you manage your brand social accounts and publish content?

Social Channel Tracking

  1. What social metrics for each channel are measured e.g. engagement metrics such as shares, clicks, likes?
  2. Can social channel performance be compared vs. competitors?

Workflow Management

  1. Is there support for task creation and coordination for distributed teams?
  2. Does it allow for enterprise-grade permission controls?
  3. Can you view, search and manage tasks?

Team Performance

  1. Does the system provide measurement and audit trails of all activity?
  2. Is productivity reporting available at individual and team levels?
  3. Is there a team performance dashboard?

The right solution requires you to put together the right people, process and products. Use the checklist above to gauge where you are in the maturity phase and what gaps can you address to improve your customer service.

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