I am pleased to share that MutualMind and Collective Bias, a leading social shopper media company based in Bentonville, Arkansas have partnered to deliver cutting edge social analytics and engagement capabilities to world’s leading brands.

Isn’t it time to deliver on the promise of social media ROI?
This partnership is a great example of how two leading companies with complementary skills can join forces to offer unique and compelling value to brands. The beauty of this solution lies in the demonstration of value social media for brands through analytics and real-world business results.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release.

Integration of Advanced Social Analytics, Engagement and Community Platforms Enable Measurably Greater Return-on-Customer Metrics

Collective Bias and MutualMind entered into an OEM/Technology Integration Partnership producing the next generation social community-based analytics and engagement platform for global brands and retailers.

“The key to harnessing the power of social media for brands is to figure out how to optimize interaction with social communities and tie results to sales data,” said Casey Petersen, Director of Social Media Analytics of Collective Bias. “This partnership is the beginning of a long-awaited solution for brands engaging in traditional social media monitoring to connect social media postings and shopper media insights with in-store activity and net sales growth.”

MutualMind is a highly scalable social media analytics platform that enables service providers, on behalf of global brands, to have the ability to monitor and analyze social conversations for sentiment and other factors. The platform goes beyond text and sentiment analysis by integrating a complete social analyst workflow management capability that enables engagement, content publishing, social conversation tracking and task management.

Collective Bias and MutualMind have jointly developed a social shopping platform that gives product and retail brands an easy way to track the ROI of syndicate engaging, community-produced social media campaigns across all social properties including social networking sites, web sites and blogger community sites. In its current state, clients receive access to a customized dashboard to monitor engagement, social conversation, share of voice and sentiment, and to compare their performance versus competitors.

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