In social media world we often talk about the “Age of the Customer” and how digital technologies and social media is helping drive it. It is important to understand how social touches customers at various decision points and how social media can be used to drive better brand awareness and revenues. I came across a McKinsey paper titled “Demystifying Social Media” and wanted to share one of the very useful illustrations from that paper.

The diagram above captures the essence of how businesses can create value for the informed, empowered customers of today. MutualMind works with many of our partners who specialize in various areas such as shopper marketing, campaign word-of-mouth measurement, customer service.

MutualMind provides analytics, insights and capabilities along all dimensions: monitoring, response/crm, amplification and leading change in behavior. More importantly, MutualMind adds a valuable layer of social customer intelligence which keeps the focus on the most important entity: the customer.

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