The true promise of social media is how social drives transactions and revenue. In last few posts, we have been discussing how social media impacts shopper marketing. Our team has been hard at work on developing a framework and the metrics that create a compelling case of showing the ROI of social for commerce and shopping. We have presented our approach to the top practitioners in shopper media and received positive feedback.

The MutualMind shopper analytics framework is shown below. It is based on the McKinsey consumer touch point model, discussed here and here.

Notice that customer intelligence plays a huge role in shopper analytics and becomes one of the key factors of success. After all we are in the age of the customer. In upcoming posts, we will go over the details of this framework and talk about how social adds value at each touch point and what are the most business relevant social metrics for that touch point.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this and invite you to share this.

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