We are pleased to announce the latest release of MutualMind. Here are the highlights of this release:

Content Analyzer

One of the biggest new capabilities that we’ve added in this release is the ability to pull out social media insights on demand from any data set in our live content database. Just slice and dice the data in the content browser and then click the link labeled “Analyze Content” to view detailed insights for the content being browsed.

You can also access this view directly and get straight to it. In addition to insights for keywords, sentiments and data sources, we’ve also added analytics for applied labels.

And we’ve really beefed up our reach analytics with the addition of top users by followers count, top users by Klout score…

As well as top users by mention count and top locations by volume…

Some of these metrics are also displayed on the main dashboard as well as other views. It’s all part of our exclusive suite of analytics which include Authentic Reach and Authentic Influence!

Keyword Grouping

We’ve added the ability to take your campaign keywords and define your own custom keyword groupings. This feature is very useful for those who would like to define finely tuned keyword rules to match very specific items but would also like to combine two or more keywords into their own grouping. Keyword groupings can be used for advanced insights and analytics.

There is a new section entitled “3. Groupings” in the campaign editor. You can define your keyword groups here.

Keyword Performance Analytics

Along with defining keyword groupings, we’ve added a new and very powerful “Keyword Performance” analytics view to our suite of social analytics features. You can now pick one or more keywords and/or keyword groupings and compare them against each other.

You’ll get a detailed report of how each keyword/keyword grouping performed including individual volume, share of voice, sentiments and more!

Advanced Location Filtering

We’ve added advanced geo location filtering to our listening engine. You can now define fine grained rules on what to collect based on location information. Location filtering is accomplished in two ways:

  • For posts for which we can determine the location, we can limit results to a given country or a list of countries or a city or a list of cities.
  • For posts where location can’t be determined, you can choose whether to include or exclude these items. We recommend that you include content which has no location information initially so you don’t miss out on mission critical posts.

Location filters can only be setup by MutualMind client services team at this time. Please use the “Help and Support” sidebar from within the app and open a ticket if you need help setting these up.

Facebook Talking About And Twitter Friends Counts

We’ve added a few more reach metrics for both Facebook and Twitter. We now collect and track both the “talking about” count from Facebook and “friend count” from Twitter.

Content Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

For our power users, we’ve added convenient keyboard shortcuts to the content browser. Now you can select multiple content items and with a few keystrokes apply labels or change sentiment. Just check the items you would like to modify and then use the following shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + l (lowercase letter l): To apply labels
  • Ctrl + s (lowercase letter s): To change sentiment

We’ve also enhanced the drop-down lists so you can quickly filter down to the appropriate label or sentiment with your keyboard.

Listening Rule Syntax Validation

Crafting advanced listening rules can be difficult especially if the rule uses some complex boolean logic. In order to make it easy for our users, we’ve enhanced our listening rule UI to provide you with color syntax highlighting as a visual feedback as you type your rules. This should help spotting potential problems a snap.

And Much More

We’ve also fixed some bugs and made some minor enhancements. We are constantly enhancing our software to serve you better and bring you the best user experience. As always, we look forward to your feedback!

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