In 2011, Web Liquid Group conducted its first comprehensive study of enterprise-grade social media listening products. The study was comprehensive in its breadth (over 30 products were included) and depth (detailed grading matrix with details on methodology and grading criteria). MutualMind was named as a top five product because of its data quality, volume and user experience.

Web Liquid revisited the social media listening industry vendors in 2012 and performed another in-depth evaluation. The results were released in a 25-page report. Once again, MutualMind was honored to be a top five social media listening product. Web Liquid called us a “a great tool for those who wish to monitor their conversation across pure social networks.”

Here’s how Web Liquid describes their methodology:

We chose from under 60 vendors of Social Media Monitoring tools, which were selected using the following criteria:

  1. The tool must be enterprise level: no tools without tech or account management teams
  2. The tools must be paid for: no free monitoring tools like Google Alerts
  3. Tools must have cross-channel coverage

Based on these criteria, and our experience, we whittled down our initial list and reached out to 12 vendors for sales demos. After the demos, we chose five Social Media Monitoring tools as finalists to be trialed based on stated capabilities such as:

  • Sources monitored (e.g. blogs, social networks, forums, news)
  • Metrics to determine influence
  • Query structure
  • Raw data access
  • Segmentation capabilities

Here’s an extract of the comments about MutualMind and its unique strengths.

The full report is available from Web Liquid website or feel free to contact us for a copy.

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