I am excited to share that MutualMind has signed an OEM partnership with Dallas-based Speakeasy, social content marketing company launched in September 2012 as a join venture by The Dallas Morning News and Dallas advertising agency Slingshot

Speakeasy will conceive, develop, manage and execute turnkey social campaigns and promotions for local and national brands and retailers. Under the new agreement with Speakeasy, MutualMind will support the company’s new offerings by providing social media listening, marketing intelligence and analytics, management and Social CRM functions.

This line on Speakeasy website says it all: We think “likes” and follows are cool. We think visits and sales are far cooler.

“We spent considerable time looking at how best to implement and measure the effectiveness of our client-sponsored, social promotion initiatives,” explained Speakeasy President Mike Orren. After consulting and working for several months with the MutualMind team here in Dallas, it was clear that they had the most adaptable social management platform that would enable our highly skilled staff to go beyond just typical social media monitoring on behalf of our customers, who often need to segment at a very local level.”

Social marketing services provided by Speakeasy include content creation, social media management and associated SEO activities, newsletter development and delivery, video creation and distribution and reputation management. The MutualMind system will support this activity via a highly scalable social media analytics platform that provides Speakeasy team members with the ability to monitor and analyze social conversations for sentiment and other factors. In addition, the platform goes beyond social analytics by integrating a complete social analyst workflow management capability that enables customer engagement, content publishing, social conversation tracking and task management from one, simple to use display.

We’re especially proud of being the selected social management platform for the new Speakeasy launch announced earlier this month. We’re now looking forward to working with the stellar Speakeasy team as they engage the social shopper market with exciting new promotion, sales and customer service initiatives.

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