Language and geo-location filters for keyword listening have been part of MutualMind for a while. Today we are glad to announce that language and location pre-collection filters are part of the campaign setup. With a few clicks you can specify the languages and locations for which you want to collect listening results. Here’s an example.


This post explains how to setup the language and geo filters in MutualMind. It also answers a few commonly asked questions about how these filters work.

Getting Started

By default, we collect results from all locations and languages. Unless you make a change to these filters on the campaign setup page (Section 1, just below keywords setup), the keyword listening will include results from any language and from any location.


Follow the steps below to modify these settings.

Language Filter

We support automatic language detection for 53 languages. If you want to restrict results by one or more languages, go to language filters and select each language from the drop-down.

language filter mutualmind

Location Filter

Country, country/region (e.g. US States or Canadian provinces), and metro areas (e.g. Dallas-Fort Worth) are supported. Two comments: City level support is coming soon and we will be adding more metro areas to the list. See examples below.

location filter mutualmind

geo filter by region

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about how location works for social media listening and the unique value offered by MutualMind.

How is Location Determined?

It depends on social network, privacy settings of users and data formats. Obviously, location information is not always available for every listening result. Location could be very specific or it could be vague text. We have developed proprietary algorithms and infrastructure to detect, parse and determine the location from a variety of sources: embedded metadata, self-reported information such as social bios and many other social signals.

Strict Geo-location Filters

There are times when you may only want posts with specific geographies in mind. To do that, you can set the Geo filter to “Strict”. For instance if you only want to collect posts from California, set the geo flter to “Strict” and “US > California”. If we find a post that matches the keyword(s) in the campaign and the location has been determined to be somewhere in California, then that post shows up in your campaign – otherwise it won’t make it. Be warned, the numbers tend to be lower than what you get without strict geo filtering.

We are working diligently to further improve geo-location filter feature in many ways. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know how this feature has helped you and/or if you have feedback or comment about it.

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