A growing body of literature makes a convincing case that Social listening should be part of the business tool chest for organizations of all sorts and sizes. To quote from “Demystifying Social Media“, a 2012 McKinsey Quarterly paper:

Brand monitoring—simply knowing what’s said online about your products and services—should be a default social-media function, taking place constantly.

Organizations -and business units within organizations- vary widely in their maturity level with social media initiatives. Many product and service companies have a need to create and sell their own unique solutions that incorporate elements of social listening and analytics but they lack the technical resources to develop and maintain an in-house social solutions. They need a flexible, easy-to-integrate and high quality listening and analytics solution. In other words, they need a “Social Listening-As-A-Service.”

How do you go about evaluating a Social Listening-As-A-Service partner? Start with these three criteria:

  1. Powerful listening and analytics. The listening product should have (a) extensive coverage of all social sources (b) filters for data collection and post-collection drill-downs (c) deep analytics and (d) capabilities to act on that data and deliver insights via reports and notifications.
  2. White label and customization. The platform should be capable of out-of-box white label settings, user interface customization, custom style sheets and URL masking.
  3. API and Integration Readiness. APIs are needed for listening, analytics, single sign-on integration as well as for enabling partners to manage provisioning and other aspects of its client’s work.

MutualMind offers a unique and comprehensive approach to listening. Going beyond keyword-based social listening, it also offers social channel listening and target audience listening. The illustration below summarizes the metrics and value for each type of social listening. By combining these three categories, you have a 360 degree view of your social initiatives.

By using Social Listening-As-A-Service, companies can dramatically accelerate the go-to-market time and offer exciting new social capabilities for your customers. At MutualMind we have built our business from the ground up around the concept of enabling social intelligence and listening for our partners: digital agencies, service providers and product companies.

MutualMind has a solid track record of helping agencies, word-of-mouth marketing companies and OEM partners with social listening and analytics capabilities. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you and When you need a battle-tested, enterprise-grade solution for making your product ‘social’, contact us!

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