mutualmind-commandcenter-b1We’ve all heard the stories and seen the photos of high-profile Command Centers at Gatorade, Dell & Red Cross, but what truly is a Social Business Command Center?  Is it a room full of large display screens monitored 24/7/365? Is it a live-time social customer response tool? Is it a portal where teams within an organization can monitor customized social data feeds? Or is it an overall philosophy of how a company should listen, monitor, analyze, respond and engage with the conversations that are happening about their brand and their competitors on the social web? We believe it’s all of the above.

The process of developing a Social Business Command Center for any company or organization must first begin with creating the philosophy that around the importance of listening to conversations that are happening on the social web, delivering the content and analytics from those conversations to your team and actively participating in them.

Michael Brito has done several presentations on Social Business Command Centers and outlined the importance of such tools in this blog post earlier this year:

    • Listening
    • Engagement
    • Building community
    • Advocacy
    • Content
    • Product Innovation
    • Psychographics and demographics of the community
    • Customer support

Once a brand has made the decision to be actively involved on the social web, they must decide how to architect the most efficient, informative, visually dynamic & digestible analytics interface to the entire organization.  Up until now, these solutions have come at a high cost and were designed & developed on a one-off basis. Not any more!

The MutualMind Command Center offers first scalable platform whose architecture is optimized for rapid deployment at far less cost versus these ‘one-off’ variations offered by other social monitoring legacy vendors. Integrating powerful social listening, multi-lingual sentiment analysis, pre & post collection filtering with real-time response, advanced visualization and workflow management, The MutualMind Command Center (MCC) ushers in world-class technology to bring together the latest advances in real-time social media listening, analytics and engagement for global brands and service providers.

The MCC platform delivers 360 degree visibility by combining state-of-the-art listening analytics from all major social media channels with visual and location media analytics from leading social sites such as Instagram, Foursquare and Tumblr.  In addition, real-time word-of-mouth event tracking is supported via MutualMind’s Authentrix™ series of metrics, measuring influencer impact and enabling social media marketers the ability to quickly gauge marketing promotion success, engage target audiences and measure social ROI.

The MutualMind Command Center will launch on May 1, 2013.  Contact me for more info or to schedule a demo:

Tony Edwards is Director of Business Development at MutualMind, Inc.

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