The IBM Smarter Commerce global summit at Nashville, Tennessee this week was an outstanding event — exciting announcements, insightful sessions, smart speakers and a great venue. Social media has been buzzing with the mentions of IBM Smarter Commerce global summit – it was a trending topic on Twitter. The real-time social stats and visualizations of the event that were provided by MutualMind social media command center attracted plenty of attention and praise.


Here’s a slide deck with a few command center views of the event. However, there is a deeper story than what could be displayed on the big screens. In this post, I would like to share just a few key insights from MutualMind listening and analytics — the engine that powered the command center.

Insights at a glance

Watson tops the list

By far, Watson created the most excitement about what future of smarter commerce holds. We decided to take a look at what were people saying about Watson at the event. We did this by doing an advanced search on variations of Watson mentions within all the smarter commerce related mentions. This query resulted in about 1800 mentions. The actual query – if you are interested is: watson OR #watson OR ibmwatson OR #ibmwatson OR @ibmwatson

The topic cloud below shows what specific topics were being talked about around Watson. Its easy to see the excitement!

The analysis below provides further insights about IBM Watson: people who were most active, the total potential reach and more.

We have just scratched the surface of analytics and insights about the event!

And here are a few of our favorite tweets from the event!
What data and technology allow us to do is to provide “Youtility”: Marketing so helpful that people would pay for it -by JayBaer
IBM Watson Taking #SmarterCommerce and Customer Service to the Next Level -by @PamMktgNut
Digital Anthropology: New Rules for Engaging Gen C. My one-on-one interview w/ @BrianSolis -by @BryanKramer
Consider the fact that we are using massive volumes of data to treat people as more than a number –JayBaer

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