We are pleased to announce the launch of MutualMind Command Center (MCC).

MCC ushers in world-class technology to bring together the latest advances in real-time social media listening, analytics and engagement for global brands and service providers.


Integrating powerful social listening, multi-lingual sentiment analysis, pre- and post-collection filtering with auto-updates & real-time response, advanced visualization and workflow management, MCC brings together the first scalable platform whose architecture is optimized for rapid deployment at far less cost versus other ‘one-off’ variations from other social monitoring legacy vendors.

Today’s socially relevant brands recognize the intrinsic value of engaging the entire social enterprise as relates to revenue generation and ROI. MCC enables visibility into and engagement with real-time, actionable big-data intelligence across all marketing and customer care functions for brands stepping up for more effective and sustainable routes to revenue.”

The MCC platform delivers 360-degree visibility by integrating MutualMind’s state-of-the-art three-mode listening methodology versus other legacy vendors’ single channel, keyword-based approach.
• Keyword based-Traditional approach based on keywords, search queries and filters
• Channels based-Listening to conversations on Facebook pages, Blog Feeds, YouTube channels, etc.
• Target Audience-MutualMind’s unique capability to listen to conversations from one or more target audiences (i.e. Word-of-Mouth, Community Influencers, Brand Advocates)


Here’s what our partners are saying.

One of the many big gains from MCC is the integration of the MutualMind AuthentrixTM feature. Authentrix enables brands with the ability to measure community influencer reach and impact across social word-of-mouth (WOM) promotions enabling marketers to quickly gauge campaign success, engage target audiences and measure social ROI.

— Bryan Kramer, CEO of PureMatter, a MutualMind partner.

MCC Implementation and White Label Capability
The full MCC suite is provided as a standardized, turnkey solution and is combined with implementation support and best-practices training. MCC is available as a white label solution for MutualMind channel partners.

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