May has been a fast paced month for our team. We launched MutualMind Social Media Command Center (MCC) and have been busy trying to keep up with the huge interest that it has generated. This week we are sponsoring MCC at the global IBM #SmarterCommerce event. We will be reporting from the live event this week!

Visit our website for more information on MutualMind Command Center and how it offers values for brands as well as channel partners.

On a different note, We are grateful for the nice shout-out below by world Food Program. We are honored to have the opportunity to help out with the extremely important work that WFP team is doing all over the world.

There are many other exciting things going on. We are conducting a few interesting social analytics case studies that will be out in coming weeks. The analyst coverage for MutualMind is expanding. As the analyst reports get published, we will share the information with you.

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