Vine vs. InstagramFacebook has everyone in a tizzy over their secret announcement scheduled for June 20th. According to Techcrunch, Facebook’s subsidiary company Instagram will unveil a new 10-second video sharing app. It would allow Facebook users to easily add short videos instead of photos to their pages. This new video sharing app will compete directly with Vine, which is owned by Twitter.

In April, Vine was the number 1 downloaded app at the US Apple app store. Vine is especially popular with younger users; they adore the brevity of six seconds of video.

On June 7, users shared more Vine links ( on Twitter than Instagram links (, according to Marketing Land – 2.37 million Vines as opposed to 2.14 Instagrams over a 24 hour period!  The folks at Facebook/Instagram probably took notice of this trend a while back.

Recently, advertisers have flocked to Vine to tout all kinds of products, including summer blockbuster movies. Ad Week talks about the Zen joy of distilling movie trailers into six seconds of emotional concentrate. Perhaps the introduction of these new Instagram videos will dampen Vine’s steady growth, especially with advertisers.

This proxy war of mobile video apps has everyone wondering who will win. According ReadWrite, “First Instagram cut off its photos from Twitter feeds, forcing Twitter users to click through to its website. Vine users post videos to Facebook — but the videos do not play on Facebook itself. One assumes Instagram will likewise favor Facebook, with autoplay being a feature that’s reserved for Instagram and Facebook’s own websites and apps.”



Analysts wonder if Facebook’s desire to develop a comparable mobile video product is part of a longer term strategy. Facebook may feel the need to match Twitter at the feature level to stay competitive. And Twitter may respond in kind, adding more Facebook-like features.

Until now, Instagram has focused solely on photos. So it’ll be interesting to see how they handle video content. But until the new product is released, no one knows for sure how Instagram’s newest video offering will ultimately fare against Vine.

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