Business and networking events have a natural affinity for social media and influencers. Event organizers know very well that social media is a key to the success of any event. If you can get a group of influential social media personalities to participate in the discussion around an event, its theme, sessions etc. the spread of the message is amplified significantly.

Bryan Eisenberg recently wrote an insightful piece about how Smarter Commerce event team did a number of things to make the event a big success. He starts off by setting the context.

Planning and executing flawless events has never been an easy mission, and lots of credit goes to those talented event organizers who pull it off regularly. However, what if it could be made easier? Today’s event organizers are flooded with more data than ever, but with fewer resources to handle all these data sources.

In his post Bryan talks about the use of social media command centers in the context of events and on-going business needs.

MutualMind, a social media monitoring and analytics company, set up an example of real-time analytics that can help businesses understand their customers in context.

When it comes to influence, context is king. Bryan talks about how MutualMind audience analytics, part of its Authentrix set of analytics, allowed him to validate that his audience are aligned with the smarter commerce topic.

This word cloud suggests my Twitter connections are in line with the audience IBM wanted to reach during this conference and demonstrates what others find as notable value in my content.

So what can the event organizers learn from this? Using event social analytics and channeling the social buzz effectively can make a big impact on the success of your event. Command center displays at events are a great way to catch the attention of the audience and to keep them engaged.

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