One of the things that our team truly enjoys is to deliver enhancements that improve user experience. This post provides a summary of the most recent product enhancements that we’ve made based on your feedback. Here’s the list:

  • Campaign setup:
    • Groupings are now displayed right after the Listening Configuration
    • Groupings can be edited (hover over a keyword group to see the edit button)
    • Language filter drop down shows English and Spanish at the top
    • Improved help text for filters


  • Insights:  Date range header “Last 7 Days” link includes today and seven days back instead of starting from yesterday and going back seven days
  • Insights: Topic cloud
    • Improved text size display
    • Topic cloud data can be exported as a CSV file
  • Insights – Content Browser: Advanced keyword rule displays on hover in content browser
  • advanced-keyword-hover

  • Insights – Content Browser: Data export link now shows a confirmation dialog with information on the row count for the export file
  • Streams: Native retweet implemented in Twitter stream
  • Work: Tasks deletion enabled from Task Browser

We hope you will find these enhancements useful. Thanks to our newest team member, Brian Lee, for making these happen.

Keep the feedback coming!

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