As they say on their site, Social Fresh Conference is different.  Jason Keath (founder and CEO of Social Fresh) has created an experience that’s focused directly on the professional social marketer, bringing in excellent speakers to each give their best 30 minutes.  But more than the speakers alone, Social Fresh is an intimate experience – less than 400 people attend, by design of the conference – with a brilliant crowd.  And it’s this crowd we’re proud to join, as MutualMind is proud to announce our sponsorship of Social Fresh WEST.

Capturing the Conversation


If you’re attending (and tickets are still available!), you won’t have any trouble finding us.  Just look for one of the two 65″ display Command Center installations we’ll have up and running.  During the whole conference, we’ll be capturing all the conversations from attendees, as well as the reactions from the social sphere at large.  This will also be the first event showcasing version 2.0 of the Command Center, a powerful upgrade with new widgets rendering the conversation, such as our keyword sunburst (right).  In between sessions, come on by and ask us how easy it is to set up a Command Center – we’ll show you the other amazing feature of Command Center 2.0: the Canvas Editor.  (For a sneak peek, check out our preview video, here.)

Enabling the Experience

You’ll see us doing more at Social Fresh than just putting up big screen TVs – just like our platform enables agencies, brands and technologies to easily create amazing experiences with social listening, we’re doing the same for Social Fresh.  So keep your browser tabs glued to – we’ll be working with the conference to publish studies based on the social data during and after the sessions.  We’re also providing Social Fresh with social influence reports for each of the speakers, so Jason and team can see what was said about each of them, and just how far their messages were carried.


We’re looking forward to being there, and to what we hope is a long relationship with Social Fresh.  And, keep your calendars open for April 2014 to join us on the other coast for Social Fresh EAST!

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