mutualmind-brandinnovatorsToday we are announcing the launch of version 2.0 of our Social Media Command Center product. The next-generation social command center adds a sophisticated real-time visualization layer to the powerful listening and analytics on the desktop. The new version debuted today at Twitter’s headquarters office in San Francisco, in conjunction with the Brand Innovators Mega-Trends Conference.

Live streaming video of the Command Center in action is available during the event here:


Here’s what makes MutualMind solution unique and affordable.


The MutualMind Command Center (MCC) ushers in world-class technology to bring together the latest advances in real-time social media listening, analytics and engagement for brands, agencies, and platform developers alike. Integrating robust social listening queries, multi-lingual sentiment analysis, pre and post collection filtering with real-time response and advanced visualization and workflow management, MCC brings together the first scalable platform of its kind, optimized for both rapid deployment. And it costs just a fraction of legacy “conference room installation” solutions.


The MCC platform delivers full social footprint measurement by combining state-of-the-art listening analytics in 53 different languages with visual and location metadata from leading social sites, millions of blogs, news services and forums. Command Center is also available in twoin two deployment modes: 1. Permanent-Mode for Corporate HQ or digital operations centers and 2. Fast-Deployment Mode for short-term public or private events.


Each Command Center screen is provisioned through our simple, widget-based, drag-and-drop Canvas Editor. Users can develop screens in a practically infinite array of configurations by adjusting the size, time frame, keyword focus and metadata filters of each widget. Each screen can also be managed, altered or updated remotely through the Canvas Editor, without ever having to access the presenter’s computer. MCC has a rapidly growing library of visualization widgets currently including Geo-Data Heat Maps, Trending Topic Clouds, Social Content Feeds, Social Image Feeds, Keyword Sunburst Breakdown, and many more.


With an MSRP subscription license of approximately $2,000 per month, MutualMind Command Center is designed for businesses of any size needing to add real-time social data visualizations for brand management, social marketing, crisis management or customer service. We also offer limited-duration Event-Based Command Centers, which include an entire social listening campaign-in-a-box start at just $3,000.

Got questions or would like to setup a demo for your team? reach us at info at mutualmind dot com or at @mutualmind.

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