For those of us who live and breath social data, we are well aware of the challenges that it represents. Over the last few years,
social data has rapidly moved as a novely to something that is now an essential component of business intelligence for organizations of all sizes and types.

Big Boulder Initiative, a concept that Gnip introduced in its annual Big Boulder conference, is one attempt at tackling these challenges. The mission is “To establish the foundation for the long-term success of the social data industry.”

Since the announcement, Gnip has hosted a number of meetings in different US cities, inviting customers, data providers and other stakeholders. Eric Swayne, Director of Product and Marketing at MutualMind participated in the San Francisco meeting. Here’s a peak into the discussion in that session.


Want to read more? Follow this link for a PDF document that provies a very good recap of the meetings and the action plan. Susan Etlinger, a participant in the San Francisco session, presented her viewpoints in a blog post about the big questions to be addressed. And if you’d rather watch a video, here’s a short clip.

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