As social business matures, it creates exciting new engagement opportunities for customers, employees and partners. Forward-looking ompanies are leveraging this phoenomenon to reinvigorate their products and to engage their stakeholders. IBM has been a major proponent and adopter of social business. IBM Connect is a major event for showcasing social software and technologies. For this year’s IBM Connect, Social Engagement Center was one of the main attractions.


The Social Engagement Center at Connect demonstrated the power of a sophisticatd analytics engine, flexible and easy-to-setup views, eye-catching visualizations and the ability to integrate enterprise data alongwith social. Kudos to the MutualMind team that made it happen.

We also had the opportunity to support a very interesting competition: The annual “App Throwdown.” This was a competion among startups who had integrated with IBM products. This compeition took place on the big stage of third day’s opening general session. App Throwdown winners were selected based on “social votes” from the audience and MutualMind provided the results using its real-time analytics. Sandy Carter, GM of Ecosystem, was on stage to announce the winner. Watch the video of the event – MutualMind is mentioned at 1:09.


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