One of the things we focus on at MutualMind is how well WE listen to our customers. In fact, a large part of the projects on our product roadmap come directly from working with users to find out how we can make their lives easier or save them time. Our latest feature is no different: we’ve heard from many users (especially those taking advantage of our Command Center) that listening can’t always happen while the Analyst is at their desk. We needed to flip listening around, and notify users when important changes happen in their analyzed data, so they can know when to check in. Moreover, we had to do that in a way that helps our users truly Listen Smarter, not just harder. The solution? Keyword Alerts.

Keyword Alerts use your existing campaign and queries, then notify you when the mentions volume for that query changes significantly. To begin, just navigate to Campaign –> Manage Campaigns, and you’ll find the Keyword Alerts section at the end of the Listening Configuration section

no-alertsFrom there, click “Add Keyword Alert” to get started. You’ll have the option to pick any keyword currently in your campaign:


You can also delete Keyword Alerts from that section, or from your Update Campaign page:


Keyword Alerts notify you by sending an email to the address tied to your MutualMind account.  If you’re not sure what that address is, or may want to change it, just go to Admin –> Users. You can click the edit icon next to your username to change its email address. When the volume for that keyword changes significantly, you’ll receive an email like this:


Once you receive an email like this, you’ll know the Campaign and Keyword you need to check when you get back to the Desktop application. Simple!

A few things you’ll want to know and pay attention to:

  • “Significant change” is defined as an increase or decrease in volume of greater than 100%, when compared to a rolling average of the past six hours. We poll keyword volumes every ten minutes, so you’ll never receive more than six emails per hour from us. In reality we rarely see that many, as the six-hour-average rolls forward based on the new data received every ten minutes.
  • At any time, you can change the email address we use to send all notifications to you. Just go to Admin –> Site Customizations to change it.
  • Advanced Keywords can have any name you wish to assign them, irrespective of the actual Boolean query they represent.  We’ve even seen some users put a tag like “[URGENT]” in front of the name to indicate queries that have special significance. You can edit Advanced Keyword names at any time from the Update Campaign page.

We hope you’ll enjoy this feature, and find it useful to your listening! This is certainly one we’ll be iterating on and growing, so let us know what you think in the comments!



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