Whenever there’s a big sporting event, it is natural for Nike and Adidas to engaged in competition for the attention of their customer. With the powerful lense of social media data and analytics, one can find interesting insights about what’s really happening and who’s gaining ground in the upcoming world cup. MutualMind has powered a study about this, which was the subject of this article in Adweek.

Even though Nike is not a sponsor of next week’s World Cup, MutualMind’s powerful analytics reveal that the brand is catching up to Adidas official sponsorship via social media. MutualMind partnered with Globe Runner to take a adetailed look at how this war of brands is shaping up this summer.

Here’s an excerpt:

From May 24 to 30, Adidas racked up 18,000 online mentions while Nike brought in 6,000. However, Adidas only had about 8,000 mentions compared to Nike’s 4,000 the week before—from May 17 to 23—indicating that Nike still may have a chance to dominate the social space leading up to the games.

Globe Runner’s data also measures share of voice for both brands and showed Nike’s to have grown from 14 percent during the first week of May to 25 percent by May 30.

Sports fans may remember when Nike unleashed its Write the Future campaign for the 2010 World Cup. Findings from Nielsen indicated that Nike was more frequently linked to the World Cup online than any of the tournament’s official partners during the tournament.

Interested in a sneak peek at the detailed insights or the real-time command center view? Just Contact us.

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