Today, I’m proud to announce an important new step for the MutualMind team, and a strong endorsement for our approach to social listening. After a thorough review process, MutualMind has been certified as a Plugged In Partner with Gnip, our main social data provider.

Plugged In Partners have to meet the highest standards for “reliable, sustainable and complete access to social data” as the program’s mission statement describes, which is a high standard  for any company to attain. What’s more impressive is that MutualMind provides this level of data quality through a true platform, not just a single product. That means our users are able to consume the best social data available however they want it – whether through our white labeled desktop app, our fly-by-wire API suite, or our world-class HD visualization solution, Command Center.

On Gnip’s blog today, you’ll be able to read more about this announcement, as well as a brief case study about how we help customers like American Airlines listen smarter through our platform. We also encourage you to learn more about us by watching our videos about the MutualMind platform, and specifically, our Command Center technology:

We’re excited to join this cadre of Plugged In Partners, and even more so as the only one with this singular focus on giving our users the tool set they need to create the one-of-a-kind, unique social listening solution they want. We look forward to building more upon this bedrock of solid social data as we create even more powerful solutions that help our customers Listen Smarter.

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